Have you seen Jessica perform live?

When and where have you seen Jessica perform before?



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Jessicafan's picture

I met Jessica at The Dallas Zoo In 2014! Jessica is amazing in concert!! I’ve been a fan of hers since American. Idol! She performed hits like Pharrell’s “Happy”, Katy Perry’s”Roar”, and her hit “Right to Fall”! Even though it rained that day, Jessica still gave it her all in spite of the weather and the coldness. She then took pics with everyone. I was really impressed!! She’s a “people” person for sure!! I’m SO READY for her to come back. ❤️

Ryan_Miller9's picture

Today, 12/17/16 in Issaquah, WA. Thank you for your heartfelt compliments given today at Eastridge Church, Jessica. I am probably one of many that would like to see you come back and visit us again.